Authors: Iwona Stempek, Anna Stelmach, Sylwia Dawidek, Aneta Szymkiewicz

Type: CD, Coursebook

Target group: adults

Language: general

Level: A1, A2

Skills: listening comprehension, writing, vocabulary practice, speaking, reading, grammar practice, pronunciation practice

Publishing house:

"Polski, krok po kroku" is, currently, the most modern and universal publication at the market. It is written only in Polish in order to immerse students in the new language from the very first class and mobilise them to use it; it is an excellent solution for international groups and individual classes. It may be successfully used at intensive courses and semester courses conducted at universities. Its advantages encompass clear grammar tables, intuitive explanation of grammar issues via dialogues, wealth of lexicon, good quality and naturally sounding recordings, as well as very attractive graphic layout designed not only to decorate, but also to create new opportunities for speaking. Communication is the superior, consistently implemented objective throughout the book in all its activities. Grammar issues are incorporated into the communication context, automating exercises often have the form of a dialogue, whereas conversations and texts sound very natural. Students will also value the plot of the book. It presents the adventures of four characters who came to Cracow for a language course and unique holidays. Here, they get to know the city, deal with various issues, cook and fall in love...

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Customer opinions

tomeks2 (2010-06-16)

Podrecznik bardzo mi sie podoba: jest pieknie wydany, kolorowy, reguly gramatyczne przejrzyscie podane i co wazne, w kontekscie sytuacji komunikacyjnych, stopniowanie trudnosci krok po kroku, ale szybko naprzod, podobaja mi sie dialogi i to, ze jest duzo nagran i duzo okazji do mowienia. Tematyka dobrze dobrana i szeroka jak na A1. Zauwazam, ze podrecznik komasuje doswiadczenia wielu autorow.

zuza23 (2010-11-09)

Bardzo dobrze napisany podręcznik, nastawiony głównie na komunikację i praktyczne wykorzystanie języka. Jest to chyba najładniej wydany z dotychczasowych podręczników do nauki polskiego. Niecierpliwie czekam na kolejne części.

polonistka (2011-03-07)

Jedyne co moge w tej chwili powiedziec, to ze ksiazka jest swietna, niewatpliwie najlepsza jakiej do tej pory uzywalam. Moi studenci tez bardzo ja lubia.

Dary (2012-06-16)

kemxoi_9x (2011-12-07)

iryna.voitenko (2012-09-23)

Wspaniała książka!!!!

aga.slawik (2013-11-22)

mglonek (2014-09-22)

migarto (2015-01-19)

I am an American native English speaker who has learned other languages (Romance languages, not Slavic). I found this product through Amazon and ordered the coursebook and the workbook. I then signed up for the e-platform. The materials are fantastic! The coursebook is wonderful, with lots of engaging and visually interesting graphics, photos and colors. Having access to both a hard copy book and the e-platform is very useful because sometimes it's more convenient to utilize one or the other. In addition, I think physically writing the answers (rather than typing them in on the computer) is extremely helpful, at least for me personally. A Polish friend has told me the quality of the recordings, in terms of content and way of speaking, is extremely natural. I think if you study the book, do the exercises in the workbook and do the vocabulary revision (part of the e-platform), you will learn a lot. Before buying these products I had also used various free apps on my smartphone for vocabulary, bought a couple of dual readers for my Kindle, and also bought "Polish for Dummies" (in English). Oh, and I also tried with Assimil, which is another immersion-style book and set of CDs. It was good but it was way too hard for me, going from zero to full-speed in a matter of lessons. All of the materials have been helpful in their own way but this program is the most comprehensive and the one with which I've made the most progress in just a few weeks. It's also the most fun! If I don't understand a point in the coursebook (after all, it's an immersion course, Polish only), I refer to "Polish for Dummies" for clarification on the grammar points or Oscar E. Swan's "Polish Grammar in a Nutshell," both in English. All in all, it was money extremely well spent.

boylan (2015-02-27)

akejanhero (2015-04-23)

swierczynski (2015-04-30)

h_kot_arredondo (2015-09-09)

dohathang (2015-12-02)

daria.lewicka (2015-12-09)

juliet (2016-02-18)

Good book. I love it, it was colorful and easy to learn. Just need to add more grammar explanation.

sunee (2016-03-04)

ardin (2016-04-30)

studentanicole (2016-06-06)

mariuso (2016-07-31) (2016-10-26)

caroldanlynch (2016-11-01)

taniashulgan (2017-01-12)

shinkok (2017-02-18)

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