POLSKI w obrazkach 1

POLSKI w obrazkach 1
Stempek Iwona

Title:POLSKI w obrazkach 1
Authors:Stempek Iwona
Target group:children, adults
Skills:vocabulary practice
Year of publication:2019
Publishing house:polish-courses.com
Price23.00 EUR

'POLSKI w obrazkach 1' is an irreplaceable aid during Polish language classes. This set of 16 boards contains basic words and phrases necessary at the beginner stage of learning. Precisely selected suggestive photographs and pictures illustrate the meaning of 193 nouns, 63 adjectives, 43 verbs and 30 phrases. Naturally, due to their aesthetic value, the boards can be a practical decoration of a language studio, but their primary task is to facilitate the introduction and consolidation of a new vocabulary without the need to translate or reach for a dictionary.

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