Gry i zabawy językowe 2

Gry i zabawy językowe 2
Iwona Stempek

Title:Gry i zabawy językowe 2
авторы:Iwona Stempek
Тип:teacher's materials
Возрастная группа:для взрослых
Язык:общее владение
Уровень:A2, B1
Способности:лексические упражнения, говорение, грамматические упражнения, упражнения по говорению
Year of publication:2019
Цена99.90 PLN

Set of 60 games which stimulate students’ learning motivation, facilitate practising new grammatical structures, help to consolidate new vocabulary and encourage speaking in a natural way. Board games, quizzes, jigsaw, domino, pictures, dialogue cards and word mazes are just some of the options available for use during classes. Many of them are perfect not only for introducing new topics but also for consolidating vocabulary and grammar. One benefit of this publication are a group of elements with knowledge about Poland–its history, art, traditions–skilfully blended into the quizzes. Despite the fact that “Gry i zabawy językowe” was developed for learning with the textbook “POLSKI krok po kroku 2” , it can be successfully used with different textbooks. The attractive artwork and design of the games makes learning more pleasant, and the games involve a lot of laughter and fun while playing, thus improving language in a pleasant atmosphere.

As a bonus, the teacher on the platform receives additional 30 online games that are not presented in the paper book.

Laughter and fun are an integral part of working with this book.

Activate the code from the textbook on the platform and get:


  • access to additional games
  • 6-months of teacher’s subscription

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