POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1

POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1
Iwona Stempek, Paulina Kuc, Małgorzata Grudzień

Title:POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1
Authors:Iwona Stempek, Paulina Kuc, Małgorzata Grudzień
Type:CD, Coursebook
Target group:children
Skills:listening comprehension, writing, vocabulary practice, speaking, reading, grammar practice, pronunciation practice
Year of publication:2015
Publishing house:polish-courses.com
Price23.00 EUR

A modern series of textbooks for children and young people aged 10–15. Perfect both for work with a teacher and, thanks to integration with the e-polish.eu e-learning platform, for self-study.

Dialogues and texts are written in a living language that is used daily by children and teenagers. A large number of recordings make one familiar with the natural sound of Polish and make it easier to master the difficult art of pronunciation. Diverse exercises for the development of unobstructed Polish communication skill bring students into a world close to young people. Additionally, elements of Polish culture are interwoven into the presented texts, thanks to which students naturally gain basic knowledge about Poland.
The textbook consists of ten chapters with approximately 60 hours of study. Each chapter is divided into four subchapters followed by a revision part and an optional “PLUS dla ambitnych” with slightly more difficult supplementary materials. A dictionary of newly learned words and expressions translated into English, German and Russian has been compiled for each chapter.

The accompanying CD includes over 160 minutes of recordings in the mp3 format.

Dialogues and texts bring the student into an authentic world close to young people.

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opinia o kursie języka polskiego Ben
Huston (USA)

Zdecydowałem się uczyć polskiego przy pomocy e-polish.eu nie bez wątpliwości. Teraz jednak – po dwóch miesiącach nauki – przyznaję była to dobra decyzja. Mając ograniczony czas na naukę program ten daje mi pełną elastyczność. Polecam wszystkim zainteresowanym językiem polskim!


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