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What is the difference between the full course (or demo) and e-coursebook?

What is the difference between the full course (or demo) and e-coursebook?

I bought the book Krok po Kroku 1 and signed up using the code that came with the book.
I can't seem to understand the difference between the materials provided by the book code (29EUR) and those provided by the full online coures (95EUR).
Apparently I am able to access the full version of the course for 2 weeks (the demo), but it's not clear what features will disappear once the trial period expires.

Also, is there a place where we can download the dialogs instead of using the audio CD? I don't think anyone has usable CD players nowadays.


The difference I've seen between the e-course book and the full version/demo is that many extra exercises disappears after the demo weeks are over. With the e-coursebook you have the same exercises online as in the book(s), not so much more.

You have access to the dialogs in the online version of the book (e-coursebook). If you're looking for a special dialog, you can use the function "search" (it's on the left side of the screen if you have a e-coursebook open). There you type in the exercise ID, for example 206C3, press enter/search and you come to the dialog. (I haven't found a place to download all dialogs, which you were asking about).

I hope this helped you!
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