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No access to some supplememtary excersises

No access to some supplememtary excersises
Hi there,

I just started with the Krok po kroku 1 online course and I realized that some supplementary excersises are restricted and I cannot work on them. Why is that and how can I access them?

Thank you.
Hello Tibor,

Thank you for contacting us. After purchasing online course you should be able to work with all excercises. Please contact me at and provide me with more details, so the problem could be solved :)

All the best,
Joanna Krawczyk
I have lost an access too. I've studied the course couple months and had full access, but now the platform asks me to pay additional money for access to excersises
Dear Student,

the texbooks ''POLSKI krok po kroku'' on the individual student's accounts become interactive e-coursebooks.

And they come in two options:

1. e-coursebooks ''POLSKI krok po kroku ''
The e-coursebook is an interactive textbook for learning Polish. It is designed to motivate you to work and guide you step by step through the self-learning process. It contains exercises and materials in an interactive form from our ''POLSKI krok po kroku'' textbooks with command translations, answer key, audio, multimedia dictionary with translations of words and phrases.

Please see some demo version of the e-coursebook:
POLSKI krok po kroku 1 ->

Students can use e-coursebooks on the platform. Access is for unlimited time on a student's account.

2. Online courses ''POLSKI krok po kroku ''
Online course is an extended version of the e-coursebook and it gives you the opportunity to learn the Polish language on your own in an effective way. the course includes exercises and materials (like the e-coursebook) and additionally:
+ hundreds of additional, alternative exercises
+ grammar comments and tables
+ vocabulary revision module (flashcards)
+ possibility to save your own notes

The access is for 12 months on the student's account (from the moment you buy/activate it).
The is also a demo version of the online course ->

If you no longer have access to the online course (extedned versuon) that means that demo version or the subscription has expired.
But if you already have e-coursebook you can buy the online course with a 55% discount ->

I hope it was helpful.

Sylwia Ryczkowska-Blasi
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Dresden (Niemcy)

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