Anita Panek

Anita Panek
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Anita Panek
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обо мне

Hello there! My name is Anita, and I am an experienced teacher of Polish and German, with a rich background in teaching both languages. Polish is my native language, allowing me to convey not only grammar and vocabulary but also the subtle cultural nuances that give Polish its distinctive character.

I completed my higher education in German studies, enabling me to conduct a thorough analysis of the structure and syntax of the German language. Additionally, I acquired additional qualifications through postgraduate studies in German language translation, providing me with top-notch translation skills.

My specialization includes online teaching, allowing me to adapt to the diverse needs of students and create interactive lessons accessible from anywhere in the world. By leveraging modern educational tools, I strive to make the language learning process as effective and enjoyable as possible.

I am authorized to teach at all education levels, gladly supporting both beginner and advanced students. My mission goes beyond imparting language knowledge; I aim to ignite a passion for exploring different cultures through foreign languages.

Join my lessons, where learning becomes a fascinating journey, and the ability to communicate in Polish and German becomes achievable for everyone!

квалификация и опыт

I graduated from the Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk with a major in German studies and a teaching specialization. Additionally, I obtained a postgraduate diploma in German language translation from the University of Warsaw. I also hold a bachelor's degree in teaching elementary education, obtained at the Teacher Training Center in Gdańsk.

Методы обучения

Teaching languages is my passion. I specialize in conducting individual online lessons, but I also gained experience as an academic teacher in traditional classroom settings. My lessons are dynamic and filled with humor. I aim to create a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, emphasizing the development of conversational skills and overcoming language barriers.

The student and their language learning goals are of utmost importance to me. I strive to tailor lessons to individual needs and expectations. During lessons, I focus on building trust and encouraging active participation in conversations.

I find joy in witnessing the progress of my students, and together we work towards achieving their language goals.


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Gratuluję – świetnie zrealizowanego portalu! Bardzo podoba mi się sposób wprowadzania materiału i to wyłącznie przy użyciu języka polskiego. Na początku myślałam, że bez użycia angielskiego niczego się nie nauczę, ale to faktycznie działa! Oczywiście korzystam z komentarzy gramatycznych po angielsku, ale to raczej dla upewnienia się, czy wszystko dobrze rozumiem. Dialogów, nagrań oraz ćwiczeń opcjonalnych jest tak dużo, iż nie sposób czegoś nie zrozumieć.

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