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Polish national features

Polish national features
I met some Polish people here in the Netherlands and I was wondering.. Are there any ‘national’ features that the Poles have? You know, like order-loving Germans or little-saying Finns.
It’s always to say something about the whole nation, that wouldn’t be just a stereotpye (which are often offensive- like the one saying that Poles are thieves. ). Still, I think that Poles are in general quite hard-working (especially when they work abroad). It’s also a Polish thing to be very hospitable. If you visit a Pole (without an appointment) you can always axpect at least a warm tea, and often even a whole dinner.

On the other hand, we are not that perfect at all. Poles are often envious of someone’s success and they don’t like the others doing much better. We also have little respect for common goods. This is the sad heritage of many years of communism
Yeah, I agree with Kis_kis. I would add that Polish society is quite intolerant. For example, gays or lesbians have a tough life in our country. This is what is very different from the Netherlands (I’ve only been the for a couple of days but it stroke me how colourfull the streets are and nobody feels like he doesn’t match). Oh, and as a girl I would add that Polish men are chivalrous when you compare them to Western Europe (like opening doors for them, carrying heavy things etc.). So altogether, I would say we have both very negative and positive things
This is quite interesing topic to discuss, It would be good to have an oppinion from someone coming from elswhere than form Poland:):):)

What can I say, we have lot of Polish workers here but I don’t know many personally. The few people I know are really hard-working. To be honest, we often think of Poles as cheap workers doing low-paid jobs and drinking a lot, which I find quite harmful.
My visit to Poland to learn Polish was an amazing experience, not only because I've learnt Polish quite well, but also because I made a lot of new friends there. Before I came to Poland I'd heard many offensive stereotypes about Poles, but during my visit to Cracow I've found out that they're not true (as almost every stereotype). Poles are friendly, out-going and sociable. I especially miss my Polish family - they were very helpful and welcoming. And spoke quite a good English!
I also heard many hurtful stereotypes about Poles, but fortunately they aren't true - at least with people I've met during my stay in Cracow. First of all: there are not grumpy :) They are really optimistic and like to have fun. Second of all: they are well-educated and know foreign languages very well. And last but not least: they are not intolerant and racist.
There are many hurtful stereotypes about Poles, but I must admit that, actually, we are a little bit grumpy :-) but I think it's mostly because of quite a difficult financial situation of most people in Poland and constant price increases. Not to mention out crazy politicians... :-)
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Próbowałem uczyć się kilku języków online, ale szybko się zniechęcałem, bo albo kurs był za bardzo komunikacyjny, albo też za bardzo ‘tradycyjny’. Polskiego nie miałem możliwości uczyć się inaczej jak tylko online, więc bez przekonania, ale zarejestrowałem się na kurs na e-polish.eu. Ku mojemu zdziwieniu, tutaj po raz pierwszy spotykam się z kursem, gdzie metodzie komunikacyjnej towarzyszy rzetelny komentarz gramatyczny. Na początku kursu sięgałem do niego dość często, teraz przekonałem się że materiał jest tak fantastycznie przygotowany, iż jest to zbędne. Faktycznie uczę się teraz czysto komunikacyjnie!


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