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How is best to use that platform ?

How is best to use that platform ?
Hi All, i am new to connect on this platform and bit puzzled how to start ... shall i take an online teacher ? buy the book ? start from lesson 1 alone ?
anyone who managed to learn some good level tell me what was his technic using that platform ?
i am really committed but i have been using wrong method before , i dont want to waste time again and get dispointed.
Thanks !
Dear rlevas27,

Thank you for your message.

First of all please note that there are two type of access to the e-polish.eu platform:

1. e-coursebook access - obtained through the code from textbook. It gives uunlimited/open-ended access to all exercises from book, without extra activities.

Our books are integrated with the platform and many students after purchasing the book choose independent learning based on the e-polish.eu platform. Each exercise in the textbook has its own electronic version on the platform (code for each exercise), so you can work independently with the book, because there is a command translation, key answer, multimedia dictionary, comments and grammar tables. Below is a link to our bookstore, if you would be interested in purchasing our books:


2. Full access - gives a student the access to all exercises from book + extra activities. It cost 95 EUR and after placing the order it is valid 12 months. You can also order it via our shop on e-polish.eu platform. Here is the link:


On the other hand we offer an aindividual online lessons with our lectors. Therefore if you know yourself quite well and you do not like to learn alone yet you prefer to talk to someone and practice pronunciation I would recommend you the take one of our package of the individual online lesson. When you feel more confident with the paltform sources and as well as you get familair with teaching techniques I would say that you could try to learn youself through the e-coursebook or full access.

3. Individual online courses (One-to-one online classes)

1 x 45 min 70 PLN / 18 EUR
20 x 45 min (to be used during 3 months) 1400 PLN / 360 EUR
30 x 45 min (to be used during 6 months) 1980 PLN / 495 EUR

Lessons take place in the Polish time zone. To take part in online courses, we need a Skype login and a free account on our platform: e-polish.eu.

It is up to you but please remember that if you have already strated your adventure with learning Polish, please think about the online lessons at first.

Should you have further questions, please write an e-mail to: hel@e-polish.eu

Ps. Each newly registered user gets 14 days free demo access. It is time to test the platform and check if the system is useful.

Kind regards
Małgorzata Fryże
Antonio w szkole języka polskiego
Bruksela (Belgia)

Próbowałem uczyć się kilku języków online, ale szybko się zniechęcałem, bo albo kurs był za bardzo komunikacyjny, albo też za bardzo ‘tradycyjny’. Polskiego nie miałem możliwości uczyć się inaczej jak tylko online, więc bez przekonania, ale zarejestrowałem się na kurs na e-polish.eu. Ku mojemu zdziwieniu, tutaj po raz pierwszy spotykam się z kursem, gdzie metodzie komunikacyjnej towarzyszy rzetelny komentarz gramatyczny. Na początku kursu sięgałem do niego dość często, teraz przekonałem się że materiał jest tak fantastycznie przygotowany, iż jest to zbędne. Faktycznie uczę się teraz czysto komunikacyjnie!


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