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access to materials

access to materials
I purchased krok po kroku book and work book. Today I wanted to register to access the additional materials. I used the code from zeszyt ćwiczeń and it doesn't advance to step 4-6. If I try to start again, the code is considered "used". Can you help, please? Thank you.
I think that they are aware of this problem and I believe it is now fixed
I am having a similar problem, where I would like to work with the exercises in both the book & workbook, but for whatever reason, when I log in, select a book or workbook, it won't open up, & if by chance it does, I can't select a chapter/page to work on. Very frustrating. Please fix ASAP. Thank you.
Dear Michelle and Martha,

thank you for your messages. I have checked your accounts and both of you have access to certain materials on the platform as you entered the codes from the books. There are several reasons why you can have difficulties with seeing the materials online:

1. If you have used the demo version and have not purchased the e-coursebook / online course (or their expiry date has expired) you no longer have access to the materials (BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR CASE)
2. Make sure that the account you have logged in to is the one on which you have active access to the materials. It happens that students have several accounts registered.
3. If you are registered on the correct account, please check the technical requirements for using the e-polish.eu platform described below:
*broadband internet access (1Mbps or more),
* browser: Chrome 55 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 50 or higher, Opera 44 or higher
* laptop or desktop computer rather than tablet or mobile phone

If you still see no access, please please contact me at sylwia.ryczkowska-blasi@glossa.pl

Kind regards,
Sylwia Ryczkowska-Blasi
Dzień dobry Sylwia,
Does the workbook code access the tests? This is what I really wanted and my instructor thought it should work, but all that shows up is an electronic version of the workbook. Sorry for the confusion.
Dear Martha,

thank you for your message. The folder ''Tests'' works for those students who have thier teachers registered on the e-polish.eu platform. Please write in a private email who is your teacher and if he/she is registered I can send him/her instructions on how to send tests online through the e-polis.eu platform.

Kind regards,
Sylwia Ryczkowska-Blasi
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Huston (USA)

Zdecydowałem się uczyć polskiego przy pomocy e-polish.eu nie bez wątpliwości. Teraz jednak – po dwóch miesiącach nauki – przyznaję była to dobra decyzja. Mając ograniczony czas na naukę program ten daje mi pełną elastyczność. Polecam wszystkim zainteresowanym językiem polskim!


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