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Do men cook in Poland??

Do men cook in Poland??
Dzien dobry,
I have now finished studying two topics in the row about food from Krok po kroku 1. There were a lot of dialogs, and they are great as always! I just love it how the handbook authors made it so engaging.

I noticed, however, that there are only women who cook both in the dialogs and in the dictionary examples. There was one time when Karol, who is Karolina's brother in a story, has helped her out with preparing some herbata and snacks, but that was it! Angela made spaghetti, Mami made zupe, Karolina made sniadanie, and Karolina's mom just makes pierogi all the time - but what Karolina's dad doing? He is just reading newspapers and surfs the web! I think, in the next edition this outdated dynamic has to stop and the dad has to be put to work in the kitchen as well!

I wonder what other Polish learners think? Do you guys have suggestions of this sort as well?
You will find more information about the head of the family in the next topics. He is a hardworking person and it's normal that his wife helps him with the housework, including cooking. I don't understand why do you want to change it :)
Hi @katyasumina,
I totally agree with you, the book could be revised when it comes to these banal family stereotypes.
Oh, come on, head of the family! He is a very lazy man who is often surfing the internet instead of helping his wife with the housework and cooking. Unfortunately, it's very typical in all post-soviet countries, gender equality is not in the first place here. :(
His wife is working too, Uladzislau, but she needs to cook for all family after her hard and long day, because of what, she is a woman? A little of an absurd, but the book is a bit old, I hope now the situation with cooking is much better.
I agree that these books need revising in terms of gender equality. I understand stereotypes are an easy and useful tool to simplify and help you learn certain cultures and languages, but there is no excuse nowadays to keep perpetuating this old fashioned ideas, spreading these myths into the mindset of new comers to Poland. Polish culture and polish people, are not beautiful because the wife cooks and does all the work, while the man earns all the money and gets to do nothing. They are beautiful because of the vast and deep cultural background, nature and peoples spirits.
Krok po kroku is a nice book. Complaints about gender equality look ridiculous :) What other problems will you find? Racial, religious?
I totally agree, filipefernandes :)
Uladzislau, we are living in the 21st century, so you need to get used to the fact that the world is changing, and you can't stop it, even if your mother still cooks for you :)
Krok po kroku is a fantastic book and it taught me everything I know of Polish language. But Im afraid its not ridiculous to have a different opinion, its a human right. You can make as much fun as you want of that, it makes no difference at all to me.
a strange phrase about mother ...
This is a bad argument for your opinion.
I don't live with parents (if this is important for the conversation).
Good luck in your progressive life
@uladzislau I wouldn't bother with her. She sounds l ike one of those angry feminist types. Her brain has been poisoned by the "progressive" left. It's not worth it engaging in a dialogue with her. Anyways, I don't see the problem with the women staying at home and the man working. That doesn't mean she should be made to. If she wants to work that's her choice. Although, If children are involved I believe research shows that the first few years spent with the mother Is the best option.
I read all your proposals to "modernize" our learning book. I think you are already out of fashion. The real progress would be that the parents of Carolina are two men or two women and one of the two Africans and Karolina the child of one of the two of a first marriage !!! it would really be a modern family, wouldn't it? I'm kidding of course, it's just to say that one stereotype can drive out another. But I agree that a little effort on this subject can indeed be made.
@JNapierala And you sound like one of those who thinks in the old-fashioned way, because you think that all feminists are angry, and you don't even bother about the meaning of this word. And I just loooove your type of people, when you see a forum about gender equality, racism or human rights in general, and you say smth like "I don't see a problem, what rights do they need?" Of course, you don't see it, because it's not about you, and you live in your bubble, where everything is pink and soft and great, but if it was about you or your family, you would concern about it.

Book is really old-fashioned, everything better with gender equality nowadays, but it way too far from Scandinavian countries, post-soviet country is post-soviet country. If we don't look on the book from the modern society point of view - it is really great for learning Polish, but if it would be for example, a book printed in 2020 or 2021 it would be not ok, because the World is not the same as earlier. (which is great, actually)
@ Juliex Your only proving my point. You completely twisted my words around to fit your narrative. Having a dialogue with the likes of you is so Incredibly boring. I already know what your about. I know what that sounds like but time and time again it's the same old story. Honestly, I'm not trying to offend you, It just happens to be the case. I said I see nothing wrong with a man working and the woman staying at home, BUT I didn't say she has to or should be forced to. I said that It's her choice. By the way, your Scandanavian countries your so proud of actually are more set into their gender roles than the west. The more egalitarian a society the more men and women tend to go into their "gender roles". And there is nothing wrong with that. We are NOT equal. Some things men do better than women and some things women do better than men. Naturally. It's that simple. Trying to do otherwise and your just fighting against nature. That's not saying that a woman can't be a CEO or a mechanical engineer. If that's what she wants great. But it should be her choice, It should be natural for her. Not because she was brainwashed or pushed into it by some bullshit dogma,
@JNapierala And you're only proving mine. You just said that fighting for women rights is a bullshit, so I won't bother to prove you otherwise, because your comments are bullshit to me. And after that I'm an angry feminist haha. People like you just make me laugh more, because YOU came here to blame me in something. Have a nice day :)
@Juliex You're doing the same thing again. So predictable. Didn't see that coming. So boring.
@JNapierala *you're
I'm curious as to why society needs to change content to fit their regional/societal norms. Not all countries have women AND men doing housework. Nothing wrong with either but if something doesn't quite match with the societal norms you're used to, doesn't mean the producer HAS to change it to fit with that. Try this in middle eastern countries & I bet it'll turn out great.
Everyone, I'd like to observe that this post began as a discussion about the merits of updating the book. While I think excellent points have been made by both sides of this argument, I'd rather like to pose the question: would there be any harm in updating the book? I wonder that we prefer a singular perspective, when even as this small discussion board illustrates there really are a multiplicity of perspectives that exist in our incredibly complex world. Even in a country as homogeneous as Poland, we must recognize that some men and women are gay, some straight, some residents from immigrant populations, and some native Polish. Some men cook and some women go to work. I never noticed anything wrong with the book, but upon reading @juliex's post I immediately saw that she brings up some excellent points. Furthermore, I would wager that many of you, like I, didn’t even have an opinion before @juliex came out with hers. Begrudging the change of the book for something we hadn’t even considered ahead of time is like a toddler who, seeing someone else wanting to play with his toy, puts up a fit, even though he wasn’t playing with the toy and never even intended to.

I don’t have any answers, but I want to suggest: perhaps the changing of the book would encourage MORE people to jump into this beautiful language we're all in the process of learning!

What do you think?
Kochane Studentki, Kochani Studenci!

Cześć, tu Iwona - jestem nauczycielką i autorką (współautorką) książki Polski krok po kroku.

A wiecie dlaczego: Karol nie chce gotować? I dlaczego pan Grzegorz Maj jest leniwy i czyta gazety? I dlaczego pani Maj pracuje za dużo?
To proste! To nie dlatego, że Polska jest postkomunistycznym krajem - ale to NASZA KONCEPCJA! My nauczycielki - cztery autorki - kobiety chcemy prowokować i MOBILIZOWAĆ Was - naszych studentów do DYSKUSJI :)
Ale, uwaga! Nasza idea to dyskusja PO POLSKU, tak? Na lekcji zawsze jest świetna dyskusja! Na poziomie A1 to fantastyczna powtórka przymiotników, czasowników, wyrażania opinii etc, a poziomach A2, B1 dobry wstęp do dyskusji o życiu, stereotypach, zmianach stylu życia, tym co było, jest teraz, będzie...
A`propos stereotypów - mój mąż gotuje lepiej niż ja i generalnie w Polsce teraz często panowie gotują, zajmują się dziećmi i domem, a my biedne kobiety musimy siedzieć przy komputerze i pracować....
Bardzo serdecznie pozdrawiam wszystkich fanów języka polskiego!
Iwona Stempek
How do we call this in polish? Przebudzony, Obudzony?
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Jestem zaskoczony możliwościami, jakie daje ten kurs. Uczyłem się przy pomocy programów komputerowych angielskiego, niemieckiego i hiszpańskiego i nie spodziewałbym się, iż powstanie program do nauki języka polskiego w wielu kwestiach przewyższający tamte programy. Choć uczę się dopiero od miesiąca jestem pewny, że wkrótce będę mówił po polsku!


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