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Learning Polish

Learning Polish
I have one questions for people who are learning Polish. How much time do I need to start understand Polish at intermediate level? Is three years is enough?
It's hard to say. Becasue each person need random time to be familiar with foreign language. For example one person needs one year, but other person needs three years. In most of cases it's depend of your abilities and place where you are studying
Every person has got different abilities to acquire foreign languages. I think that it is essential to know the reason why you want to study this language and to have a good motivation.
I do not recommend learning on your own - I've tried it many times with English and Russian and I always quit after a few attempts to remember something. The private course is the best because you have a professional teacher, who will explain everything, you have a group of other learners which motivates you to study and you pay money so you won't quit after one lesson :-)
I've started to learn Polish about 5 years ago and I still don't feel very confident in speaking it. At first, I tried to study on my own, using the Internet sources or lessons via skype (which I do not recommend...), and finally I signed up for an intensive Polish course in Poland (it took 2 weeks) and after the course I travelled around Poland also for 2 weeks. The course + travelling and meeting Poles were the most helpful for me.
Although I'm trying to keep contact with many people in Poland I met during my stay, I'm considering another Polish course this year, in the same school, but this time the intermediate level.
Everything depends on your teacher. If you have a good teacher, have an intensive course (20 lessons per week), and of course work hard you will be able to be at strong intermediate level within one year. I have never managed to get as high, but during my stay in Kraków I met a guy who studied in a Polish language school (Glossa I believe) and I was impressed how he managed to speak after just three months' course. There are many polish language schools in Poland and a few of them are very good, I think Glossa and Mały Rynek are the best in Kraków.
Nauka polskiego Rosa
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To rzeczywiście działa! Świetna jest także konwencja kursu - coraz bardziej wciągam się w akcję i zaprzyjaźniam z bohaterami, a przy okazji wydaje mi się, że coraz lepiej rozumiem i mówię po polsku. Mój nauczyciel polskiego także jest zaskoczony moimi postępami ;-)


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