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Booking a Class

Booking a Class
Hello, I would love to know how Could I book for a online Lesson?
Dear Maria,

thank you very much for your interest in learning Polish with When it comes to individual online classes with a teacher you can choose two options:

a) individual one-to-one classes online with a teacher registered on our platform

In this case you choose a teacher on your own on the e-polisheu platform, buy lessons online and pay directly to the teacher. You can buy any number of lessons that the teachers displays on their account. You can choose to buy/order 1, 10, 20 or 30 online classes (it depends on you). In the attachment I am sending you instructions how to order/buy online classes on the platform.

The prices for the online classes can be different dipending on the teacher's rate. One online class lasts 50 minutes.

b) individual one-to-one online classes with a Glossa School teacher

In this case you contact us and we find a teacher for you. We send you the cost estimate (you pay our school) for the chosen package of lessons and after the payment the online classes can be arranged with a teacher on the platform.

If you were interested, I would need additional information to organize such lessons. Just let me know.

In both cases, to take part in online classes, you need a Skype communicator and an account on our platform. As for the method of conducting online classes, they take place via our platform (virtual classroom) and any voice communicator (eg Skype). The student and the teacher have a common screen ( platform) where the teacher displays interactive elements of the lesson (exercises, pages from textbooks, recordings, films, pictures, interactive games). A table is also shared, allowing also for mutual communication in writing. Of course the teacher prepares materials tailored to your needs and interests. In the attachment I am sending you how the online classes work on the platform and how to manage them in the system.

I hope my message was helpful, but if you have additional questions or something was unclear, please contact me at

Regards, Team
Nauka polskiego Christian
Dresden (Niemcy)

Doskonały kurs do nauki języka polskiego. Jestem zaskoczony tak dużym bogactwem dostępnych ćwiczeń do każdego z poruszanych w kursie tematów. Dzięki temu nawet trudne tematy stają się jasne i moje umiejętności rozumienia i używania polskiego są na coraz wyższym poziomie.


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