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Krok Po Kroku Polski

Krok Po Kroku Polski

I bought the poziom 1 book and noticed that the MP3 CD only goes up to 88 tracks but looking at the book there is 256 listening exercises. Should i have gotten 2 CD's with the book?
Sorry I hd the wrong CD in . Had the Zeszyt Cwiczen CD in instead no problem here :-)
You are very lucky to have a CD player. I attend classes with 9 other people and not a single person has a CD player at home or on laptops! Pointless sending CD these days! We have to go around looking for some person from previous generations to look for a CD player.
Dear Anna,

thank you for your message. On the CD there should be all the exercises. If you have only 88 tracks, you can lodge a complaint in the store where you bought it, but there is also an easier way :-) You can find all the recordings online on e-polish platform. All you need is a code from the book which is printed on a piece of paper in a CD container inside the book (back cover). The code will give you access to all the materials, exercises and recordings from the book, so you can study using your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. After you log in on, in the upper right corner there is a padlock. This is where you need to enter the code.
After that, you receive access to e-coursebook (electronic version of the book) with all the recordings for unlimited time.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Nauka polskiego Rosa
Barcelona (Hiszpania)

To rzeczywiście działa! Świetna jest także konwencja kursu - coraz bardziej wciągam się w akcję i zaprzyjaźniam z bohaterami, a przy okazji wydaje mi się, że coraz lepiej rozumiem i mówię po polsku. Mój nauczyciel polskiego także jest zaskoczony moimi postępami ;-)


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