POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1

POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1

Title:POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1
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The self-study course (e-coursebook+) is intended for learning Polish on your own. It is based on the materials and the communicative approach used in the bestseller textbook series "POLSKI krok po kroku - junior". Thanks to its many features (e.g., translated instructions, an answer key, a possibiity to listen to recordings, a multimedia dictionary with translations of words and expressions, comments and grammar tables), you will learn Polish effectively.

E-coursebook+ also provides access to several hundred additional exercises and materials (1295) which will help you remember the tricky parts and learn more about the topics which are particularly useful for you. An important component of the course are smart flashcards, which will help you learn new vocabulary quickly and effectively.

The online course consists of 10 chapters consisting of 61 smaller units and covers the words and grammar required for A1 level.

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Access for students to the e-coursebook+ "POLSKI krok po kroku – junior 1" online course on the e-polish.eu platform is valid for 12 months.

opinia o kursie języka polskiego Ben
Huston (USA)

Zdecydowałem się uczyć polskiego przy pomocy e-polish.eu nie bez wątpliwości. Teraz jednak – po dwóch miesiącach nauki – przyznaję była to dobra decyzja. Mając ograniczony czas na naukę program ten daje mi pełną elastyczność. Polecam wszystkim zainteresowanym językiem polskim!


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