CZYTAJ krok po kroku 3 (en)

CZYTAJ krok po kroku 3 (en)
Anna Stelmach

Title:CZYTAJ krok po kroku 3 (en)
Autores:Anna Stelmach
Para lectores:Adulto
Habilidades:Para el entendimiento auditivo, Ejercicios de vocabulario, Lectura, Ejercicios de gramática
Year of publication:2019
Precio9.90 EUR

A collection of short stories at the A1 level for those who want to improve their Polish and complement their vocabulary range.

Discover the stories from the everyday life of the popular characters introduced in the series “POLSKI krok po kroku” – Mami, Javier, Angela, Tom and Uwe – as well as the Maj and Nowak families. See how their relationships intertwine. Accompany them to learn the Polish language, discover Poland, explore the similarities and differences between the cultures of different countries, and simply have fun!

  • In the book, you will find 5 modules with 2 stories as well as exercises consolidating the grammatical and lexical material from a given text (answer key included at the end of the book).
  • No matter what textbook you use on a daily basis – the table of contents will tell you what grammatical and lexical material you can consolidate by reading a given module. If you learn using books from the series “POLSKI krok po kroku”, it is worth knowing that each module corresponds to one lesson from Textbook 1 (lessons 11-15).
  • Texts are written in a very simple, but naturally-sounding language. You can read them in any order – each one contains a full story. However, we recommend reading them krok po kroku - step by step ;-)
  • You will find translations of more advanced words and phrases in the margin, and so your reading will not be disrupted.
  • After each module you will find a glossary containing the lexical material you should master at this level. It will facilitate learning and revision of vocabulary. You will also find some space for your notes (ask your teacher to assess your ability to use the newly acquired vocabulary correctly in context).
  • You can also use the Polish-English glossary at the end of the book, where the lexical material from the whole book has been collected in alphabetical order.
  • By listening to the recordings, you can improve your listening skills or practise pronunciation and intonation on your own.

If you like these simple stories, follow the ups and downs of their characters in subsequent volumes and move on to higher levels together with them.

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1. The code from the book does not give access to the e-coursebook (the interactive textbook)
2. Access to the e-coursebook CZYTAJ krok po kroku 3 should be purchased separately.
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liam_duncan, 2021-09-21
how can I rate it when I paid for 3 day delivery while I was in my mbank in Nysa . it is day 3, now and 25 Zloty has gone out of my account not much of a couier service? but it might get delivered some time in the next 7 hours to be on time
Antonio w szkole języka polskiego
Bruksela (Belgia)

Próbowałem uczyć się kilku języków online, ale szybko się zniechęcałem, bo albo kurs był za bardzo komunikacyjny, albo też za bardzo ‘tradycyjny’. Polskiego nie miałem możliwości uczyć się inaczej jak tylko online, więc bez przekonania, ale zarejestrowałem się na kurs na Ku mojemu zdziwieniu, tutaj po raz pierwszy spotykam się z kursem, gdzie metodzie komunikacyjnej towarzyszy rzetelny komentarz gramatyczny. Na początku kursu sięgałem do niego dość często, teraz przekonałem się że materiał jest tak fantastycznie przygotowany, iż jest to zbędne. Faktycznie uczę się teraz czysto komunikacyjnie!


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