Opinions Opinions about Polish on-line course

Below you can find some opinions of students who decided to use the Polish on-line course. They all confirm the efficiency of our course. We also encourage you to check it on your own by going through the demo lesson.

An excellent Polish course. I was surprised by a huge number of exercises prepared to practice different language topics. Thanks to them even complicated issues turn out to be really clear and my skills of understanding and using Polish are improving all the time.
Christian, Dresden (Germany)

Congratulations! The portal is fantastic. What I really like about it is how the new material is introduced and that you use Polish only. At first I thought that without English I won’t be able to learn anything – but it really works! Of course, I sometimes use English grammar comments, but rather to make sure I understand correctly. There are so many dialogues, listenings and optional exercises that it is almost impossible to have problems with understanding.
Elisabeth, London (United Kingdom)

I’ve tried learning many languages online but I got discouraged very quickly, because the course was either too communicative or too traditional. I couldn’t study Polish any other way but online that’s why I, without much conviction, registered on e-polish.eu. To my surprise, it turned out that the course successfully combines communicative approach with thorough grammar comments. At the beginning I read the comments quite often – it helped me understand some concepts better. Now, I realized that the material is prepared and presented in such a way that I don’t really need it. I really learn in communicative way now!
Antonio, Bruksela (Belgium)

It really works! I love the convention – I get hooked on the story and seem to make friends with the characters. At the same time, I think I understand and speak Polish better. Even my teacher is surprised with my progress :)
Rosa, Barcelona (Spain)

I had some doubts before I decided to learn Polish with e-polish.eu. Now – after two months study – I admit I’ve made a good choice. I have a limited time which I can devote to Polish, and the course gives me full flexibility. I truly recommend it to anyone willing to learn Polish!
Ben, Huston (USA)

I was totally surprised with the possibilities offered by the course. I used to study English, German and Spanish using computer programs and I didn’t expect there to be a program for learning Polish which would be so much better. Although I’ve been using the program only for a month, I’m sure I will speak Polish very soon!
Satoshi, Nagasaki (Japan)