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meening of 'upiec się'

meening of 'upiec się'
I found an expression: Ale mu się upiekło! but it seems to have nothing to do with preparing food. Do you have any idea what does it mean?
Hi, you're right, it has nothing to do with preparing food :-) It simply means, that someone was lucky and avoided trouble or difficult situation. I'll give you an example. You have an exam tomorrow, but you're not prepared at all. You go to the exam and you're sure that you'll fail. But, luckily for you, your professor is ill and the exam is postponed. So your friends might say: "Ale mu się upiekło!" :-)
I remember a lecture during my Polish course in Krakow devoted thoroughly to idioms and "Ale mu sie upieklo" can be simply translated into "He got away with it!". There is also one more idiom in Polish which means the same "uszło mu na sucho" and it has nothing to do with dryness ;)
Yes, definitely no connection with preparing food. I think that the best translation is "he got away with it".
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To rzeczywiście działa! Świetna jest także konwencja kursu - coraz bardziej wciągam się w akcję i zaprzyjaźniam z bohaterami, a przy okazji wydaje mi się, że coraz lepiej rozumiem i mówię po polsku. Mój nauczyciel polskiego także jest zaskoczony moimi postępami ;-)


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