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You’ve found the perfect place, because the e-polish.eu portal is addressed to people who are interested in Polish for foreigners, especially those who are looking for a Polish language course. Whether you already know the basics of Polish, use this language at a high level, or are planning to start learning Polish, you will certainly find something right for you. We have prepared lots of options for you, tailored to different levels, needs, time limits and expectations. Depending on your preference, you can choose an online Polish course, individual classes with an internet-based tutor using our virtual classroom, or plan your trip to Poland for an intensive Polish course in Kraków and other cities. Whatever learning format you choose, you can be sure that you will be learning Polish with professional tutors with a passion for Polish teaching.
On the e-polish.eu portal you will find a whole range of different materials, tools and information to help you get to know our language better. At the bookstore you can view and purchase the latest manuals, exercise books, grammar and vocabulary compendia, and much more. You can use our multimedia dictionary not only to check the meaning of words and expressions, but also learn tables by case, person, and so on.

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You’ve found the perfect place – the e-polish.eu portal is designed just for you. You will find a vast database of materials to help you diversify your Polish language courses right here. The materials available on the platform include both ready-to-use lessons and exercises, dialogues, recordings, tables, illustrations, and more. They were developed by a team of experienced teachers from the GLOSSA Polish language school in Kraków. Many of them are the authors of the best-selling series of Polish language textbooks for foreigners: “POLSKI krok po kroku” (POLISH step by step). The web platform e-polish.eu gives you the chance to take advantage of their knowledge, which they are happy to share through a special methodology forum. In addition, e-polish.eu is a wide range of tools to help you prepare and conduct activities. You can quickly create your own exercises, give homework and tests online and run a Polish course online. Now, wherever you live, wherever you are, you can have students all over the world!

Experienced teachers and authors of textbooks

Janusz Rudzki
Janusz Rudzki
Birmingham (Wielka Brytania)

Hello guys!
Book a FREE lesson with me and see how online learning works.
My name is Janusz and I am 34 years old.
I speak Polish, Bulgarian and English fluently. I also understand and speak some Russian and Ukrainian.
I teach languages online and I am ready to start teaching you even if you are a beginner.

I offer :
- one free lesson (50 minutes)
- 1to1 lessons (60 minutes - 18 EUR), where I will teach you everything you need and want to learn.
- group lessons- small groups -up to four people ( 60 minutes - 7.00 EUR) - conversational course -conversation practice on different topics with interesting people from all over the world. Conversation practice enables language learners to assimilate their acquired knowledge, integrating a variety of cognitive skills at once to produce oral communication. In effect, this is learning by doing.
- homework - test on the online platform e-polish - after every 1to1 lesson (if you have time to do it)

In order to try a free lesson feel free to contact me on Skype/ WhatsApp.
My phone number is +447753936213.
You can also send me an email: rudzkijanusz@gmail.com

Why do I teach languages?

My aim is to help everyone progress in their lives through language learning. I believe in every kind of learning, for all kinds of people, wherever they are in the world.
As a teacher, I need and want not only to motivate my learners, I want them to know how to keep their motivation throughout the entire process of learning.

MOTIVATION. This is what you need and this is what you get from me and my e-book.

I am going to be not only your language teacher; I am going to be your Language Learning Motivator! My second role will sometimes be more important than the first one.

I have written an e-book called " 7 Tips On How To Learn a Foreign Language". I describe how you can learn a foreign language in a way that will be pleasant and effective at the same time!

When you get in touch with me, I will send you a FREE copy of my e-book.

To get the e-book or try a free lesson feel free to contact me on Skype/ WhatsApp.
My phone number is +447753936213.
You can also send me an email: rudzkijanusz@gmail.com

Apart from that, I’m interested in ancient civilizations, AI, history and I like fishing.

free online trial lessonwięcej…

Modern textbooks for adults and teenagers

Polish courses - online and in Krakow

Nauka polskiego Rosa
Barcelona (Hiszpania)

To rzeczywiście działa! Świetna jest także konwencja kursu - coraz bardziej wciągam się w akcję i zaprzyjaźniam z bohaterami, a przy okazji wydaje mi się, że coraz lepiej rozumiem i mówię po polsku. Mój nauczyciel polskiego także jest zaskoczony moimi postępami ;-)


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GLOSSA office will be closed until further notice. All Polish courses will run in online mode via e-polish.eu platform.

Our advisors will be at your service via e-mail or phone (bookstore +48 500 75 24 47 or +48 503 453 200, Polish courses +48 690 599 520, e-polish.eu +48 505 356 332 or + 48 506 058 480) Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.