POLSKI krok po kroku 2 - Polish online course

POLSKI krok po kroku 2 - Polish online course
Polish language course at level A2/B1 (intermediate)

If you already have intermediate knowledge of Polish, choose the course “POLSKI krok po kroku 2” (POLISH step by step 2). You will start by revising and systematizing the most important grammar and vocabulary issues that you covered at earlier stages of learning Polish. The first two lessons might seem easy, but we know how important it is to eliminate any errors and gaps before introducing new topics.

In the following lessons, we will introduce more complex grammar issues in a practical communicative context. You will get to know a very wide range of vocabulary, so your Polish will sound completely natural. Numerous dialogues and texts (including authentic ones) will introduce you to the history of Poland, its traditions and customs. With every lesson you will feel that you can communicate and discuss numerous topics more and more fluently and spontaneously.

How will you learn?

During the entire Polish language course, Polish will be the only language that you hear and use. By looking at pictures and illustrations and listening to dialogues, you will learn in a natural way – like a child learns the language by listening and observing the world around them. You will discover new words, expressions and grammar structures in their natural context and in carefully planned order. In this way, you will not only learn to understand and speak Polish better and better, but at the same time, you will think in the language.

If you prefer learning with a dictionary and explanations of grammar rules, this course is also for you! You can always use the multimedia dictionary, optional comments in your language and plenty of grammar exercises.

What will you learn?

When you have finished the course you will be able to:

  • communicate in a wide range of situations
  • have a fluent conversation with native speakers of Polish
  • formulate consistent oral and written statements on familiar or interesting topics
  • describe experiences, events, plans and dreams
  • justify and explain your views and objectives

Role-play course format

Mami, Angela, Uwe, Tom and Javier came to Kraków from all over the world to learn Polish. Each of them had a different reason to start learning, but all of them bravely deal with the language and new situation. Time spent together – learning, having fun, on shorter and longer trips, supporting each other in difficult times – form the foundation of their friendship.

The adventures of the characters and role-play course format keep you involved in learning. You won’t even notice when you start to speaking Polish fluently!

Course level

The course addresses vocabulary and grammar issues for levels A2/B1.

Course content

The course includes 26 lessons. Depending on the student, the study time is 120 to 180 hours.

Course duration

The self-study course is available for 12 months on the e-polish.eu platform.

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Próbowałem uczyć się kilku języków online, ale szybko się zniechęcałem, bo albo kurs był za bardzo komunikacyjny, albo też za bardzo ‘tradycyjny’. Polskiego nie miałem możliwości uczyć się inaczej jak tylko online, więc bez przekonania, ale zarejestrowałem się na kurs na e-polish.eu. Ku mojemu zdziwieniu, tutaj po raz pierwszy spotykam się z kursem, gdzie metodzie komunikacyjnej towarzyszy rzetelny komentarz gramatyczny. Na początku kursu sięgałem do niego dość często, teraz przekonałem się że materiał jest tak fantastycznie przygotowany, iż jest to zbędne. Faktycznie uczę się teraz czysto komunikacyjnie!


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