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Problems with a letter

Problems with a letter
I'm going to Poland in few weeks. I will be living there by the family in Cracow. These are close relatives of my friend and I was wondering to write them a letter about me in Polish to let them know some details before I'm gonna see them. Unfortunately, my Polish isn't good enough, so I'm asking you for some help. The name of the head of family is Maria, may I write: "Droga Pani Maria"?? I want so much my first words will be correct :) There's another thing: what should I write as a word of goodbye? What is appropriate for personal letters like this? Is "Do zobaczenia do Krakowie" good enough? Is it correct?
Dear Nienne!!
In Polish, you always have to change the endings of words appropriate to the situation. You cannot write "Drofa Pani Maria", because it's another ending for Maria. You should write "Droga Pani Mario". At the end you can write "Do zobaczenie w Krakowie". When you want to say that you are going somewhere, you may write "do Krakowa", but when you want to say "See you in Krakow", you have to write "Do zobaczenia w Krakowie". If you have any further problems, please feel welcome to ask. My teacher always told me: "Kto pyta, nie bladzi", which means: "If you ask, you won't get lost".
Thank you for such a quick answer. I'm gonna learn this sentence by heart :)
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