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How shall I start?

How shall I start?
I’d like to start learning Polish. There’re many coaches in the internet. Do you think that it’s good idea to start with a coach or maybe it’s better to take a regular course?
Well, it depends. If you want to start you should find a qualified teacher. Polish is a difficult language and it’s important to have a good base.
It doesn’t matter if you take private lessons or regular course but your teacher should have right qualifications.
I took a course in Poland (in Glossa in Krakow - I recommend them!) and must admit that it was a good idea. All teachers must finish a special course which gives them necessary preparation to teach their mother tongue. They know which parts are the most difficult for particular nationalities.

When you have a basic knowledge you can look for a coach.
It is better to find private coach, becouse most of language instructors (especially polish language instructors) give private lessons and as well work for some schools. I think that the principial diffrence is in price, for sure private instructor will take less money than a school, but think about it and make right decission.
I think that better idea is to start learning in some language school. I can guarantee You that in most of cases teachers in language school are professionalist. They have certficates, expirence and they know how to learn you language. After your course you can get a certficate which is very important in nowadays. None of private teachers cant’t give a certificate – You can get it only in professional school. This is my opinion so I recommend to start take apart in regular course.
I tried both: at first I was so determined to study Polish on my own, that I sat all evening doing Polish exercises, listening to Polish speeches, but the next day I thought that it doesn't make sense because I had no one who would explain grammar to me. So the second step was to find a Polish course and so I did. I spent nearly a month in Poland, at first studying in Cracow's school Glossa - they have a great book!!!! you can find some info about that book on the Internet, it's called "Polski Krok po Kroku"), and later I was travelling and meeting people. Great time! so I definitely recommend finding a good course.
if you want you can talk with me. I'm Polish and I'm learning English. can learn together by writing an email message?
well, you can practice your Polish by writing e-mails in Polish, but if you need to start learning this language you definitely need to take a regular course with an experienced teacher (individual or group). Polish is quite difficult and learning it with a dictionary only will not give you much.
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