Iwona Stempek

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When I graduated in Polish Philology from the Jagiellonian University I was planning to continue to study literature in libraries. By chance I discovered a different vocation - teaching - which soon became my new passion. Each course is a new experience, a meeting with different people, a different range of problems. My job perfectly matches my passion of travelling around the globe, meeting new cultures and people. What am I like? Open, energetic, full optimism. My students say that I am warm and kind. I like active free time activities: in the summer – bicycle, in the winter – skiing and throughout the year closer and further trips. A good book and ambitious cinema are also things which I find hard to do without.

Anna Stelmach

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I prefer what is natural, simple, ordinary: I go to work by bicycle, I do the shopping in an open-air market, I’m passionate about cooking, I relax doing the gardening. I love planning journeys – the close ones and those further ones. When I travel around Poland or abroad I look for things which will tell me something about the soul of the place, I don’t like crowds, hotels and noise. I’m a passionate photographer, I’m interested in architecture and history, I’m not a bad tour guide in my home city – Krakow. I appreciate a lot meetings with my friends and I often organise trips or fancy dress balls. I spend weekends close to nature, preferably in the mountains and in the winter I spend days skiing. I like being active and sports but I’m also able to spend hours doing puzzles or playing cards. I read a lot, I love crime stories, I’m keen on going to the cinema and even more keen on going to the theatre. At my home the radio RMF Classic is always on: I listen to classical and film music. I had always wanted to be a writer sitting in a rocking chair on a terrace writing a new text with a fountain pen. Obviously with a cup of tea and a cookie, with a cat on my lap. The dream almost became real: I write texts, exercises and tasks for my students, indeed, on the computer but always in the company of my cat Figa :-). I believe that the sense of humour helps to make life easier more than anything else.

Paulina Kuc

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I have been a teacher of Polish as a foreign language for five years now and I still like my job. ;) What I like most about being a teacher is the chance to have contact with people from all over the world. In the lesson I can meet them but I can also learn a lot about myself, my own language, Poland and Poles :-) After work I enjoy going to the cinema, reading books, spending time with my friends, eating, drinking wine and relaxing :-)

Małgorzata Grudzień

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Joanna Stanek

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I’m optimistic. I like to be surrounded by people who emit positive energy and at the same time I try to share my joy with them. What I appreciate most in being a teacher is the contact with other people. I adore travelling and discovering new places, sometimes with a guidebook in hand or more often by absorbing their special atmosphere with all my senses. I’m passionate about theatre, I collect masks, I love South-American literature, small cinemas, bicycle and mountain trips, picnics behind the walls of old castles and long sessions of charades or board games with my friends. I get lots of joy and satisfaction when playing with children.

Sylwia Dawidek

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Aneta Szymkiewicz

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Beata Subczak

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Paulina Kuc

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