multimedia online Polish language course

E-learning Polish language course guarantees effective learning and ensures great flexibility in language acquisition. Feel free to test our free demo version, which will make you appreciate its possibilities.

Inspiration for speaking

Our course encourages students to use the language in practice by introducing a rich scope of phrases and expressions on a given topic. Grammar and vocabulary is always presented in a communicative context, and practiced through dialogues, which enable students to master new issues naturally.

Wide choice of audio materials

We use the language to communicate, and listening skills are the basis of effective communication. That is why most dialogues and texts in our course are also available in the audio version. It helps the students to learn the natural rhythm and sound of the language.

Diversified exercises

In our course we have applied great possibilities of e-learning. All exercises we offer are interactive, presented in an attractive and inviting form. They let you check your answers instantly.

Intuitive grammar charts

All materials have been composed in such a way to encourage students to discover grammar rules on their own. It is possible due to specially arranged colours, highlighting endings and transparent examples.

Supplementary materials

We fully realize that each student has individual needs and different issues cause them difficulties. That is why we have added alternative exercises to help you consolidate given material and dispel all the doubts.

Use Polish only

Our course naturally introduces the student to the language system and encourages to use only Polish while speaking and thinking. Although it seems difficult, it is highly possible and it gives surprisingly good effects. The students avoid subconscious translating from their mother tongue to Polish, and thus making many mistakes.

Multimedia handy dictionary

Multimedia dictionary is an integral part of our course. The student has an opportunity to learn proper pronunciation. Additional pictures help to acquire vocabulary items without subconscious translation into the mother tongue.

Vocabulary consolidation module

A special system of improving knowledge allows the students to reduce the time needed to acquire new words, phrases and expressions.
Feel free to test a demo version of our course, you will definitely experience and appreciate its possibilities.

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