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Learning Polish

Learning Polish
Hi all, I am attempting to learn Polish, has anyone got any advice??
For example a good book or website .
Hi Jonathanhest,

I encourge you to register on our e-polish platform, where you will have the opportunity to successfully learn polish.

The e-polish platform is integrated with our books „POLSKI krok po kroku”. If you register on e-polish you will receive a free 14 day demostration access the course „POLSKI krok po kroku”. So you could see exactly how it works and how many possibilities there is to practice your polish.

Main e-polish platform benefits:

1. The interface is available in a few languages, which allows you to easily translate the everything into your own language e.g. words, phrases from the dialogues, instruction to the exercises etc.

2. Practical Multimedia Dictionary. The dictionary deals with all different forms of words e.g jest, byliśmy, będziesz etc. It ilustrates the word you are looking for with pictures, allows you to listen correct pronunciation, gives examples of usage, synonyms, and shows you tables of conjugation and declination.

3. A repetition module reminds you a word, which can fly out of your head.

4. Discussion forum. Here you can share which other students your experience learning polish. They also will gladly help you if you have a problem with grammar or vocabulary issue.

5. Individual online lessons. You can learn polish without leaving your home. Teachers prepare lessons precisely to suit your needs and help you pefrect you speech.

6. Multimedia online course. You could learn „POLSKI krok po kroku” on your own, because our books are integrated with the platform. Each exercise from book has its own electronical version on the platform, so you can check your answers, clear and repeat the exercise again. To use this function you could enter the code from one of our books or buy a online course).

We are waiting for your on the e-polish platform:)
Nauka polskiego Christian
Dresden (Niemcy)

Doskonały kurs do nauki języka polskiego. Jestem zaskoczony tak dużym bogactwem dostępnych ćwiczeń do każdego z poruszanych w kursie tematów. Dzięki temu nawet trudne tematy stają się jasne i moje umiejętności rozumienia i używania polskiego są na coraz wyższym poziomie.


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