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Polish Exercises and Printing Problem

Polish Exercises and Printing Problem

I am using the online course in conjunction with my resident course at the Polish School here in America. When I click on the RED "G" for grammar, I get a great explanation in English about the subject, it expalins it really well. But when I go to print that information I get a double image and cannot relly read the explanation very well. I would love to be able to print these explanations out and put the into my notebooks for easy and futuure reference. Am I doing something wrong? or is it a program/system issue?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Robert Stodnick
Dear Robert,

thank you for your message.

Please send me the print screen to the e-mail at the moment when you notice the problem.

Kind regards,
Karolina Merchut

Nauka polskiego Christian
Dresden (Niemcy)

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