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Historical maps of Poland

Historical maps of Poland

I'm new to the Forum, so this may have been discussed previously, but I would like to know if anyone is aware of any source of detailed maps (to at least a county/powiat level) of Poland during it's many geo-political iterations in the past two to three hundred years. As I research my Polish ancestors and document their origins (entering them in Family Treemaker, in my case), I always try to record town/village locations both as they were known at the time and as they are known today, in order to make them easy to locate on a modern map. Obviously, Poland did not exist on a map 100 years ago, and our ancestors would have just said they were born in Russia (or Prussia, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire - I have my grandmother's passport, issued in 1903 by the Russian Empire). I'm aware of the history of the partition of Poland in the late 1700s, the creation of the short-lived Duchy of Warsaw by Napoleon, it's re-partition in 1815, and it's reorganization following full integration by Russia in the 1860s. I have found a few maps on the internet that broadly show the boundaries of the various governates/provinces within the Duchy of Warsaw, the governates/gubernia/voivodeships (provinces) in Congress Poland in the period from 1815 to 1918 (with the administrative boundaries changing somewhat in the western provinces sometime between about 1845 and 1869), and the counties within each province from about 1869-1918. But, none are very detailed, and certainly not to the level of gmina. Most of these maps are available in Wikipedia articles.

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