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Basic A2 e-coursebook access disappeared. Please turn it back on

Basic A2 e-coursebook access disappeared. Please turn it back on
Dear Sir/Madam,
In Februaury this year you gave me an extended access to A2 e-coursebook as a compensation for activating a non-working "Zeszyt ćwiczeń 2". For more details please see this thread,no_content_for_the_online_a2_execise_book/forum/thread.html. This extended access was given till May.

Now I noticed that I don't even have a basic access to A2 course-book, I assume it was turned off together with the extended access. Please turn back on my basic access to A2 coursebook since I am still entitled to have it.

Moreover, I told me last time that the online course "Zeszyt ćwiczeń 2" will run in May, and it is not live yet. What is the new release date, if any?

Thank you,
Dear Olga,

Thank you for your message. I reset you access to e-coursebook 'Polski krok po kroku 2' at your account. You can use it right now. We will inform you when the online course 'Zeszyt ćwiczeń 2' will be ready - sorry for such delay.


Milena Łuksza
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Huston (USA)

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