Online Polish grammar course

Polish GRAMMAR in practice
Online Polish grammar course

If you already speak a little Polish but you would like to improve, consolidate or extend your knowledge of grammar, choose the “GRAMMAR in practice” course. The course has 33 chapters, each of which focuses on a selected grammar issue. Each chapter starts with a brief description of the particular issue. Don’t worry though – we know you do not need to know about linguistic theory, but just the practical guidance to use Polish correctly. Therefore, these descriptions are concise and illustrated with plenty of examples.

The second part of each chapter gives you the chance to practice and consolidate the particular grammar issue. We have made sure that the exercises are diverse and varied, and, above all, that they will help you gain confidence and use Polish grammar correctly and intuitively.

Course content

The course has 33 chapters on the following topics: cases, irregular nouns, personal pronouns and possessive, times, verbs of motion, aspect, imperative and conditional, static and dynamic preposition, comparison of adjectives and adverbs, and numerals.

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