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Janusz Rudzki
Janusz Rudzki
b376ej (Wielka Brytania)

Hi guys!
Book a FREE lesson with me and see how online learning works.
My name is Janusz and I am 33 years old.
I was born in Bulgaria. My mother is Bulgarian and my father is Polish. I lived in Sofia, Bulgaria and in Warsaw, Poland. I have been living in Birmingham, United Kingdom since 2017.
I speak Polish, Bulgarian and English fluently. I also speak Russian and Ukrainian - I am not fluent, but I can have a conversation or explain what is important.
I have been teaching people languages online as a full-time job. I have written an e-book which is called " 7 Tips On How To Learn a Foreign Language" where I describe how you can learn a foreign language in a way that will be pleasant and effective at the same time!
I developed my tips from a different range of sources. I have done thorough research on the topic and everything I consider as important is there.
Some of the tips are from books that I have read about how to learn and how to teach languages. Some of the tips are from my own experience from learning and teaching languages. Some are from my students that I have been teaching online.
In order to feel more confident with the language learning, it is very important to know more about our brains. You will find some useful information there.
All the tips described there are equally important. Nevertheless,
if you do not want to be fluent, you do not have to follow all of them.
But if your goal is to be fluent, you definitely should.

When you get in touch with me, I will send you a FREE copy of my e-book.

To get the e-book or try a free lesson feel free to contact me on Skype/ WhatsAPP. My phone number is +447753936213,
or just send me an email on rudzkijanusz@gmail.com

Apart from that I’m interested in ancient civilizations, AI, history and I like fishing.


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