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Aleksandra Podleżańska
Aleksandra Podleżańska
Gdańsk (Polska)

As my name suggests - I am Polish, Polish is my mother tongue.
Learning foreign languages became my passion forty years ago, when I arrived in Germany. I studied German for five months on super-intensive courses at the Goethe-Institute in Munich (25 hours a week), which I completed at the Mittelstufe II (B2). Then for ten months I studied in „Studienkolleg bei den wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen des Freistadt Bayern”, then - at the state-owned "Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München", I graduated in linguistics as well in German and English studies at philosophical faculties.
I spent one semester of my studies in England, learning English on super intensive courses at Oxford House College in London (30 hours a week), which I started on the "Basic" level and finished on "Level 6 - Proficiancy". For six years I also worked in international structures in Italy, first completing super-intensive Italian language courses at the University for Foreigners (Università per Stranieri) in Perugia and at the Roman language school "Berlitz", Italy. In the Vatican, I also finished a two-year study of theology and law in Italian in the "Scuola Pratica di Teologia e Diritto per la Vita Consacrata presso la Congregazione per gli Istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica, Vaticano".
Learning foreign languages also drew my attention to the meanders of my mother tongue, i.e. Polish, which is why during my university studies I was eager to take part in comparative linguistics and Slavic studies.
During many years of rich contacts with my colleagues from university or working in international teams, I had many opportunities to teach Polish to my friends. They were surprised to note that "not such a terrible devil as they paint him!"
I know how important it is in the modern world to know foreign languages. So I eagerly share it, whether in my professional life or with my friends and acquaintances.
The "era of the coronavirus pandemic" has opened our eyes to new opportunities for meetings and communication, which are facilitated by the current technical possibilities, such as meetings and online learning. So I am happy to use them to enable all interested parties to learn a beautiful and very interesting Polish language, which is not as difficult as it is commonly believed. Success depends on teaching methods and the ability to listen carefully to the student.
An adventure with the Polish language can be very interesting, beautiful and enriching. It should be remembered that the language we use did not arise suddenly and is not unchanging, constant. Each language is subject to development and largely depends on the history of the nation and the circumstances in which people who use a given language as their mother tongue live. This means that the language is related to the history, culture, philosophy and experiences of a given nation ... I invite you to take the adventure of learning Polish with me.

Oksana Domnenko
Oksana Domnenko

Welcome to my profile!
I am Oksana.
I come from Ukraine, from the south-east of our country. I currently live in Kyjiwi.
I have special ties with Poland - I lived in Poland for 10 years, and a year ago, in the first days of the war in Ukraine, I came to Poland again and stayed in Warsaw for 5 months. I returned, regardless of great job offers and my family's wishes, to Kyjiwa to be at home, in my life, with my people. And a few months of support, help and warmth that I met in Poland enriched me with an amazing experience of working in international charity organizations supporting Ukraine, and translation activities for TVN24 Discovery.
For this reason, after returning to Kyjiv, I did not immediately return to my business activity (also related to Poland for many years), but I joined the activities of an American charity organization and supported the activities of an amazing international team, which in turn supported us Ukrainians. Of course, these months, and practically a year, passed in constant practice in Polish, Ukrainian, English, and if necessary - in Russian languages.
I studied Russian philology at the University of Donetsk, my specialization was the theory of literature. I also finished journalism, after graduation I worked on Ukrainian television. Then there were 10 years in Poland, then - return home, then - family and two wonderful children, many experiences in various fields of international business, continuation of the started topics until 2014, and again a rather final departure from Donetsk to Kyjiva, happy and diverse activity in continuous cooperation with Poland until February 23, 2022.
Only now, after returning from Warsaw, I have discovered my own need to help Ukrainian youth start their education in Poland and arrange their lives in Europe and in the world.
That's why I've been a Polish language teacher for several months now.
For me, the best practical solution is the system built in this particular school.
I add visualizations of complicated grammar rules myself, - I create them using current graphical instruments.
I also use all available media means to bring my students as close to Polish reality as possible and help them immerse themselves in topics related to their future specialization in studies.
I am glad that, regardless of my little experience, I already have the first results of my students, who have already received the highest grades during the entrance tests to the best Polish Universities. And due to the fact that I discovered the "Step by Step" course for myself and started using e-polish.eu instruments, I found myself here, in this wonderful group of teachers.

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Adrianna Komosa-Rybak
Adrianna Komosa-Rybak
70-362 (Polska)

Hi! I'm Adrianna and I'm thrilled to share my story with you. I'm a passionate Polish language teacher for foreigners, and my journey into this wonderful profession has been a blend of education, exploration, and a deep love for connecting with diverse cultures.

My academic journey began at the University of Silesia in Katowice, where I pursued my studies in Polish and Russian. The intricacies of these languages fascinated me, and as I delved into their rich histories, I realized that my interest in languages was intertwined with a desire to bridge cultural gaps. This realization laid the foundation for what would become my life's work.

One of the defining moments of my journey was a internship in Italy. This experience exposed me to a variety of teaching techniques and further honed my ability to make language learning engaging and immersive. Interacting with students from different backgrounds, I realized the power of language in transcending borders and building bridges of understanding.

Upon completing my studies, I continued to refine my teaching skills through graduate internships. Collaborating with Erasmus+ students was particularly rewarding, as I witnessed firsthand their eagerness to grasp the intricacies of the Polish language and culture. Together, we explored the nuances of communication and embraced the beauty of cross-cultural interactions.

Beyond language and teaching, my interests are diverse and colorful. I hold a deep appreciation for Polish applied art of the 20th century, finding inspiration in its unique blend of creativity and historical context. Non-fiction literature captivates me, as I believe in the power of narratives to expand minds and perspectives. And when I'm not immersed in language or culture, you can often find me hiking in the majestic mountains, where I find solace and inspiration.

As a teacher of languages, I have expanded my own linguistic horizons. Besides Polish, I am proficient in English and Russian, and I also possess a basic understanding of Ukrainian and German. This multilingual proficiency not only enhances my ability to teach but also enriches the connections I forge with students from around the world.

My journey as a Polish language teacher for foreigners is more than a profession—it's a way of life. Through teaching, I'm able to foster cross-cultural connections, nurture a love for language, and witness the transformative power of learning. It's an honor to guide my students on their linguistic and cultural quests, and I look forward to the continued adventures that await us as we explore the beauty of the Polish language together!


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To rzeczywiście działa! Świetna jest także konwencja kursu - coraz bardziej wciągam się w akcję i zaprzyjaźniam z bohaterami, a przy okazji wydaje mi się, że coraz lepiej rozumiem i mówię po polsku. Mój nauczyciel polskiego także jest zaskoczony moimi postępami ;-)


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