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Janusz Rudzki
Janusz Rudzki
Birmingham (Wielka Brytania)


If you have any questions, just click on "Free online trial lesson", sign up for free in a few seconds and I will contact you. You don't have to choose any specific date or time for our trial lesson. I will get back to you ASAP.

My name is Janusz and I am 36 years old.
I speak Polish, Bulgarian and English fluently. I also understand and speak some Russian and Ukrainian.
I teach languages online and I am ready to start teaching you even if you are a beginner.
I have expierience with children, teenagers, adults and pensioners.

I offer :
- one free lesson (50 minutes)
- 1to1 lesson (60 minutes - 18 EUR), where I will teach you everything you need and want to learn.
- homework - test on the online platform e-polish - after every 1to1 lesson (if you have time to do it)

In order to try a free lesson just click on 'Free online trial lesson' which is under my profile picture on the top of this page. You don't have to choose a specific date or time. After you've booked a trial lesson I will email you and we will discuss when it is best for you to do the lesson.

Why do I teach languages?

My aim is to help everyone progress in their lives through language learning. I believe in every kind of learning, for all kinds of people, wherever they are in the world.
As a teacher, I need and want not only to motivate my learners, I want them to know how to keep their motivation throughout the entire process of learning.

MOTIVATION. This is what you need and this is what you get from me and my e-book.

I am going to be not only your language teacher; I am going to be your Language Learning Motivator! My second role will sometimes be more important than the first one.

I have written an e-book called " 7 Tips On How To Learn a Foreign Language". I describe how you can learn a foreign language in a way that will be pleasant and effective at the same time!

When you get in touch with me, I will send you a FREE copy of my e-book.

Apart from that, I’m interested in ancient civilizations, AI, history, geopolitics and I like fishing.

free online trial lessonwięcej…
Aleksandra Podleżańska
Aleksandra Podleżańska
Gdańsk (Polska)

As my name suggests - I am Polish, Polish is my mother tongue.
Learning foreign languages became my passion forty years ago, when I arrived in Germany. I studied German for five months on super-intensive courses at the Goethe-Institute in Munich (25 hours a week), which I completed at the Mittelstufe II (B2). Then for ten months I studied in „Studienkolleg bei den wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen des Freistadt Bayern”, then - at the state-owned "Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München", I graduated in linguistics as well in German and English studies at philosophical faculties.
I spent one semester of my studies in England, learning English on super intensive courses at Oxford House College in London (30 hours a week), which I started on the "Basic" level and finished on "Level 6 - Proficiancy". For six years I also worked in international structures in Italy, first completing super-intensive Italian language courses at the University for Foreigners (Università per Stranieri) in Perugia and at the Roman language school "Berlitz", Italy. In the Vatican, I also finished a two-year study of theology and law in Italian in the "Scuola Pratica di Teologia e Diritto per la Vita Consacrata presso la Congregazione per gli Istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica, Vaticano".
Learning foreign languages also drew my attention to the meanders of my mother tongue, i.e. Polish, which is why during my university studies I was eager to take part in comparative linguistics and Slavic studies.
During many years of rich contacts with my colleagues from university or working in international teams, I had many opportunities to teach Polish to my friends. They were surprised to note that "not such a terrible devil as they paint him!"
I know how important it is in the modern world to know foreign languages. So I eagerly share it, whether in my professional life or with my friends and acquaintances.
The "era of the coronavirus pandemic" has opened our eyes to new opportunities for meetings and communication, which are facilitated by the current technical possibilities, such as meetings and online learning. So I am happy to use them to enable all interested parties to learn a beautiful and very interesting Polish language, which is not as difficult as it is commonly believed. Success depends on teaching methods and the ability to listen carefully to the student.
An adventure with the Polish language can be very interesting, beautiful and enriching. It should be remembered that the language we use did not arise suddenly and is not unchanging, constant. Each language is subject to development and largely depends on the history of the nation and the circumstances in which people who use a given language as their mother tongue live. This means that the language is related to the history, culture, philosophy and experiences of a given nation ... I invite you to take the adventure of learning Polish with me.


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Próbowałem uczyć się kilku języków online, ale szybko się zniechęcałem, bo albo kurs był za bardzo komunikacyjny, albo też za bardzo ‘tradycyjny’. Polskiego nie miałem możliwości uczyć się inaczej jak tylko online, więc bez przekonania, ale zarejestrowałem się na kurs na e-polish.eu. Ku mojemu zdziwieniu, tutaj po raz pierwszy spotykam się z kursem, gdzie metodzie komunikacyjnej towarzyszy rzetelny komentarz gramatyczny. Na początku kursu sięgałem do niego dość często, teraz przekonałem się że materiał jest tak fantastycznie przygotowany, iż jest to zbędne. Faktycznie uczę się teraz czysto komunikacyjnie!


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